About Us:
Located in Rajasthan - India, we not only have direct access to the best natural resources but also to some of the world’s finest craftsmen who blend their knowledge and expertise into beautiful motifs of traditional jewellery.

Our unusual collection showcases contemporary designs, purity legacy of craftsmanship to embrace beauty in every form. We are identified for our high quality standards and innovative approach. Our team of experts maintains a strict vigil on the quality of the goods and ensures that all the products are flawless.   

We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products. We continually strive to enhance and optimize our work processes by integrating latest technologies & management techniques. With considerable knowledge and network within our domain (supply-chain, logistics, e-commerce), we have been able to simplify the process of buying through us and thereby eliminating many costly overheads.

Please take a look at our Catalog and do not hesitate to send us enquiries using our Enquiry Order Form.