1. RitikaGems Pvt. Ltd. specializes in custom client orders. Customers can specify variety, shape, size cut, and shade of
stone needed. The can also specify type/design of jewellery
desired. The same can be manufactured as per their requirement
and subject to order being of minimum acceptable quantity and availability. The design and specifications need to be discussed beforehand and changes will not be accepted later.

2. Products made by RitikaGems Pvt. Ltd. are of reliable quality.
We can arrange certificates from Gemological Institute (GIA) ,
a Government approved Lab for the quality and purity of
metals/precious stones used, as per client's requirements.

3. Some items are also available for display at our primary office

4. We agree to take back the products at any time by
discounting the sale price by 25% (Normally the sales return
margin is 15%, however this has been increased due to unprecedented rise in cost of precious metals.)