We supply the following jewellery items:

 Precious and Semi Precious Stones
 Traditional Rajasthani Jadau Jewellery
 Special Silver Items
 Victorian Jewellery Items

Precious and Semi Precious Stones
We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of precious and semi-precious stones. Our detailed stones catalog is available here.

We offer different varieties of stones. These include:

 Amethyst Peridot Rhodonite
 Aquamarine Sapphire  Topaz
 Rock crystal           Onyx
 Floride Lapis Citrine
 Tiger Stone Hessonite Tanzanite
 Iolite Zirconium Sosolite
 Mother Apparel Kainite Coral
 Labradorite Toua Mouline  Garnet
 White Rainbow        Moon Stone  Rhodolite
 Quartz  Gold Stone  

The above stones can be supplied in Stone or Bead form. The various shapes available include:

 Chips Plain Oval
 Button Brick Round
 Drops Nugget Almond

Apart from the above mentioned shapes, some specific cuts include:

 Plain Nuggets Facetted Tear drops  Facetted Nuggets
 Facetted Heats Facetted Coins Facetted Chicklets
Facetted Briollets
Faceted Tear Drops
 Melon Beads
 Oval beadsRound Beads

Depending on the variety of stone chosen, it is also possible to supply them in different sizes.

Our Speciality section in Stones consists of unusual and unique innovations. At the moment we are providing:

  • Carved Buddha Statues in precious and semi precious stones
  • Amethyst Carvings in the form of animals, flowers etc.

Check our Precious and Semi-Precious Stones CATALOG for a detailed listing of all items in this section.

Traditional Rajasthani Jadau Jewellery

Jadau Jewellery is generally available as:

  • Gold Balls - Special items in STOCK - available as plain balls and with carvings.
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Coordinated sets of Necklaces and Ear Rings

Our jewellery is crafted in Jadau and precious stones, mainly Polki
diamond. Polki diamond is an un-cut diamond, generally of big size and subdued brilliance, because of limited polish. Polki and other
precious stones are coordinated to give rich and ancient look.
Other precious stones which are used in our jewellery may include Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire etc. These are set in gold and are shaped
to give traditional, rajasthani style look and design to Necklaces
and Earrings.

Check the Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery CATALOG for detailed listing of all items in this section.

Most of the items under Rajasthani Jadau Jewellery have different uncut diamonds in them. However, we also supply them separately. A detailed diamond chart is available here.

  • Loose and Single pieces are available.

  • They can be supplied in any carat amounts.

  • All are high quality. Description available here.

  • Prices range from Rs.6000 per carat to Rs. 100,000 per carat.

    Check the Diamonds Catalog
    for detailed listing of all items in this section.

Special Silver Items

At the moment we have very special but limited items in silver. The most amazing is the completely flexible snake in pure silver.

Check the Silver Catalog for a listing of all items.

Victorian Jewellery Items

We have special Kadas available in Victorian jewellery.
Our collection contains antique jewellery with silver and gold mix. These are available with and without color stones.

Check the Victorian Jewellery catalog for listing of all items.